This guide is intended for application developers who create VoiceXML applications on the Asterisk® platform with the VoiceXML IVR Platform. It covers the VoiceXML 2.0 compliance and implementation specifications for VoiceXML on a browser. It also provides an introduction to VoiceXML concepts and describes how VoiceXML is used in the context of a Media Server. In case of errors or omissions within this document, the standard documents shall be assumed to be correct, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

This document is for software developers using the VoiceXML development environment. It assumes you are familiar with the basic concepts of HTML and Asterisk. Before reading this guide, we recommend:

  • Access to the standard VoiceXML Guides - External Resources
  • Get a basic IVR VoiceXML programmer training
  • Get knowledge on Asterisk PBX management

This guide explains how to use VoiceXML features. A new application developer typically reads these chapters completely and in order.

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